What is a Schmuck….?

RTWI get asked that all the time. Ok, I don’t really because the word “schmuck” is pretty universal. But, for Cam and me, it means something different. While it does retain a heaping helping of its traditional definition, it also goes a step further. For us, and as it pertains to our journey, a Schmuck is someone who is willing to throw themselves headlong into a life adventure without the slightest regard for obstacles or the fear of failure. Schmucks don’t fail. They learn. Schmucks don’t experience fear…OK that one is a stretch; but Schmucks don’t let fear get in the way.

Whether it’s a new job, learning a new skill, or like this entertaining little book will attest, in the wilderness; Schmucks are not afraid to get out of their comfort zone and push themselves beyond what they think is possible. As you will read in Vito’s Maxim: unless you are a little cold, a little tired, a little hungry, a little wet, a lot uncomfortable, and question why you are even doing this, then you are not on an adventure. You are on a vacation. And if you find yourself in the middle of a wilderness, whatever that may be for you, and you keep pressing on through the howling winds of discouragement and frustration; when all around are shaking their heads and scoffing; you punch through the looks and laughs and ridicule: then you, my friend, are a Schmuck.

We hope you enjoy this quick little read and find humor in our failures and successes…

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