Schmuck 1 looks over Yosemite Valley

Rules, Laws, Ideas, Truisms and Vito’s Maxim

Following is a compilation of the rules and laws of backpacking, current at this time, which we’ve learned the hard way. Heed the following or suffer as two schmucks . . .

Rules and Laws

  1. It’s All In the Shoes
  2. Lighter is Better
  3. Fundamental Law of Backpacking – What goes Down, Must go Up
  4. (Time + Agony) Going Down ≥ (Time + Agony) Going Up
  5. Cotton is bad, Nylon is good

One Good Idea – Know the weather of your destination

One Truism – When one suffers all suffers

Vito’s Maxim – The feeling of joy that comes with the completion of an adventure is directly proportional to the adversities that must be overcome during said adventure

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